ROCAD developed a strategy for theprovision of professional services in the areas of Engineering,Construction and Maintenance of bridges…


Rocad is among the few previleged construction outfits in Nigeria that are engaged in the construction of bridges by the Federal Ministry of Works

Dams & Erosion Control

We construct and promote a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefit including dams for hydroelectric power generation domestic, agricultural purpose and flood control..


ROCAD is a qualified and experienced contractor in the execution and design of dam, dredging rehabilitation and maintenance projects


A good road network system is the backbone of any economy, it facilitates the movement of goods and service..



In order to enhance this, we have a pool of highly qualified Engineers to provide professional services in Design, Construction and Maintenance of roads.

Sports & Recreation

Sports and recreation is one of the spices that reduces threatening health issues and increases the life span of an individual..


Also, in a society such as Nigeria, it foster national unity. 

ROCAD has a wide experience in the design, construction and maintenance of sports/recreation centres including the construction and installation of sport facilities.