ROCAD is a qualified and experienced contractor in the execution and design dams, dredging rehabilitation, and maintenance projects.

We construct and promote a wide range of environmental, economic, and social benefits including dams for hydroelectric power generation for domestic, and agricultural purposes, and flood control.


ROCAD developed a strategy for the provision of professional services in the areas of Engineering, Construction, and Maintenance of bridges.

ROCAD is among the few privileged construction outfits in Nigeria that are engaged in the construction of bridges by the Federal Ministry of Works.


Structural and building materials such as blocks, terrazzo tiles etc., are available in the local market but not always in the required specification and quantities required for our activities.

ROCAD has established factories for pre-cast concrete units, roof tiles, interlocking, pavement blocks, kerb stones, sewage pipes and a variety of other products in order to maintain the highest standards of quality.